Football Maniacs Manager, create and manage your football team in this game

Games of strategy and management are a great way to spend a good time with the mobile. And its gameplay just hooking the gamer who wants to improve and further develop that which raises the title and does not imply a loss of battery as graphics usually do not have too demanding. This is the case with Football Maniacs Manager which focuses on the case in the possibility of creating and commanding a football team to achieve sporting success. Although it is a challenge to the most complicated.

In Football Maniacs Manager player gets into the role of a coach who runs a fledgling and quite modest equipment. Its mission is to customize and train this team to get work up positions in the league to win games. All managed from the kit which can be customized to detail, even the players themselves and signings to improve their statistics and possibilities to the rest of opponents. A point to note is that this title is multiplayer so that the user will take on players from around the world and their respective teams.

Like good management titles, this game has a high degree of customization in different ways. On the one hand there is the kit that lets you choose the design of the shirts and shield but also the players themselves with hairstyles and faces the most colorful. We must also be attentive to the equipment itself, as the Stats of each player can be improved with training and coins or coming to replace some players for new signings .Of course, all this has a cost.

And is that resources in Football Maniacs Manager as in classic strategy games are limited. So, you need to play friendly matches to achieve training points and coins to invest in the team. Of course it is not possible to play unlimited games, being necessary to wait two hours for such meetings.With the template equipped and ready to face new challenges, it is possible to compete in the league where there are eight divisions and six real opponents. In this case the games are played every 24 hours and the rewards are greater.

The gameplay does not allow play the games type in FIFA , however, there are animations depicting the match to watch, according to statistics from each team, how they held each meeting. The graphics of this game is not too flashy but serves to accurately represent the kit and its interface is comfortable with a cartoonish touch for managing all these aspects.

In short, a focused strategy title in football will be enjoyed by the fans of this beautiful game who should not seek to control the ball. A game that also extends its challenges to face teams from different real players .One of the best thing about Football Maniacs Manager is that it is completely free for both Android and for iOS . It can be downloaded via HappyMod

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