Google’s official guide to switch from iOS to Android

he eternal battle between the two mobile platforms that dominate today continues. And in that war,they are not only improving the platform, but also trying to capture the other users.

Apple guide

So much so that while we had one available from Apple where they explain how to migrate from Android to iPhone . In it, a tour of 6 sections, where we will pass the information on:

  • Email, contacts and calendars
  • Photos and videos
  • Music
  • Books and PDFs
  • Documents
  • Apps

Google guide to move from iOS to Android

However, if the direction of change is reversed from iPhone to Android , we’ve seen some tutorials on what we can do in the web. Specifically  how to pass your details on iOS to Android . But Google could not be less and now has published a website with information on how to switch from iOS to Android .

In this case, instead of 6 sections they have only 4 and Google has played their cards smartly:

  • Photos and music
  • Contacts
  • Email and messaging
  • Apps

For Google, the best way to spend our media to Android is through Google+ and backup functionality.

In case of contact , we have several options, but one of them as you would expect is through Gmail, like wing configuration par email . In both we may also use iCloud for this change. Also give us some  recommendations , such as the fact disable iMessage before changing the SIM card.

Finally,by syncing the apps it will simply download the same applications and, from there, we will be associated with our Google account, so that in future devices downloading apps will be automatic.

As we can see, Google is betting louder for Android and after the departure of Android 5.0 Lollipop,it is also focusing on completing all the information they could be throwing at fault so far.

Is this guide something you expected? Of course it is quite similar to that of Apple. Are the two systems after all quite similar?

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