How to easily move apps to the memory card on Android

Developers can greatly benefit from the opportunity to have their apps are stored on memory cards. For many casual users, this was a superb and sought after feature, as it could save space on the internal drive and make room for more applications.

Some programs take care of the thing itself, especially large game, and they are installed directly on the memory even without the aforementioned trick. It tends to still be a lot of apps on the internal storage compartment that can be pushed manually to his memory.

This is done usually by going to Settings> Applications> Manage Applications and press the app you want to move. Then it pops up a settings screen, from which you click on “Move to SD Card” button to store app on the memory card instead. The button is gray if the app cannot be moved.

To manually go in and look at all the apps in the list to see if they can be moved, however, is not very practical. Fortunately, there are several good free tools in the Market, which simplifies the procedure, including App 2 SD and SDMove. Both work in a similar manner and have high average, but the former has generated many more downloads, we are addressing it.

When you start the App 2 SD shows three tabs: the first lists all apps that can be moved, the second shows the apps that are already on the memory card, and the third shows the programs that are not removable. When you press an app in the first tab gives access to the Android’s own setup screen, where you have to press the “Move to SD card” button. An app can namely for security reasons not to move another app to your memory card, but you can still manage the move itself on its own.

The program makes it much easier to move apps and especially to see which device can be moved. There is also an option to move all apps at once and then just press the Move button until all applications ended up on the memory card.

For the applications should remain on the internal storage memory includes, for example widgets, launchers and vibrant backgrounds. Are they properly programmed; they shall nevertheless at all not go to move, so this should not pose a problem. Both App 2 SD and SDMove can be downloaded for free in the Market for all running Android 2.2 or higher.

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