Top 7 Android Apps For Students in 2020

If you are having Android-based gadget in your pocket, then you must have used it for entertainment purposes. But did you ever think to use it for your study? Yeah, it can be a major advantage using these apps to help you in your studies. These apps can convert your Android into ultimate tutor and best guide for your studies. So let’s have a look at the best Android apps for students.

  1. Google Classroom – Google Classroom is an awesome app to stay connected with teachers in a virtual environment. Teachers can hassle-free set up new classes and invite students to participate in exercises or learn new stuff. Students can pass tests, exams or participate in assignments online. It is an excellent way to communicate in real-time and creating a digital learning environment easy to organize for both sides.
  2. Grammarly Keyboard – No student can get the job in big companies without having perfect knowledge of English. It’s very sad point that most of the students have poor skills in English. You can use this app on your Android to get some Grammar related tips. You can upload your own written paragraphs in this app and it will point out the grammar mistakes. You can get tips to improve your mistakes for next time. This app is recommended to all the students to have good skills in English.
  3. Document Scanner – As a student, you need to deal with documents and notes daily. Keeping them safe always may be ask of pain. So you can use this app to have all your documents in your Android. This app scans the documents and save them in the PDF format that you can access on your Android or PC. Moreover, you can forward the PDF files to your friends via the email. This app is completely free to use and can help you in reducing the work load of keeping the documents and notes.
  4. StudyBlue – Have a look at equipment making mastering extra efficient, permitting you to experience greater entertainment activities. The StudyBlue flashcard app is like getting magical powers to transform the whole lot from a song festival rest room line to boring bus/train/plane journeys into productive look at time. Hold 10+ million students and 400+ million flashcards in the palm of your hand!
  5. TCY – One-prevent solution for all the exam related problems you’d ever face for your life. Our offering consists of Mock Tests, Topic-clever and Sectional exams for GATE, Engineering/Medical, MBA/CAT, Bank, SSC, GRE/GMAT, Civil Services and plenty of extra exams.
  6. Timetable – Simple, straightforward, convenient, and doesn’t ask for a top rate which is particularly good for the reason that user target are students who and college students don’t surely have much cash to spend on a planner. Best one I’ve used so far. No ads. Clean interface. Easy to view and edit. The handiest trouble is it would not have a backup and restore option within the settings.
  7. bSafe – Feel more secure with a person looking at you, once you are on your own adventures! They can be equipped to touch the emergency services if You do not come back after I said I would, via taking a display screen shot and forwarding it to a mobile. Wonderful protection app. A top notch way to maintain your self safe. Highly recommended.

Your Android device can be your best teacher cum friend in education. You are only step away to use your Android for studies. So what are you waiting for? You should give these apps a try now.

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