Top Cooking and Recipe Android Apps in 2020

Your Android phone can be used as tool to get the best recipes and cooking tips from the vast information super highway. The Internet contains much of these, and you can get them on your phone, wherever you are, with your Android phone. Now, in this post, I’m giving you the best android apps for cooking and recipes.


This app leaves you a choice of 25000 recipes to choose from. You’ve got a clean and good-looking interface. Most of the recipe entries are fetched from the famous eponymous forum – which is one of the magazines by Conde Nast. And some of the entries are written by top chefs around the world. You can search for recipes even while you’re busy working in your kitchen – using voice-to-text search. It allows step-by-step kitchen mode, which allows easier cooking, by showing just what’s needed in the next step. Download Epicurious


What makes this Android application unique from others? Well, there is something more. This app has more than 150,000 recipes in its rack. You’ll surely be happy with this app, if you’re someone who likes to improve your dish. There’s something called Leftover Wizard, along with this Android Application. This is a cool utility which returns you the best recipes that can be cooked up with the three ingredients that you feed in. Download BigOven


You may be wondering what this name means. Oh, don’t guess something wrong, it’s not what you think. It’s the short form for “What You Might Ask, Should I Make For Dinner”. This application can give you suggestions from its vast database of recipes. You can use these Android apps to switch between dishes of two different types, like vegetarian and non-vegetarian. This is quite different from other apps, but trust me; this is a great cooking app that you wouldn’t want to miss out.

Grocery IQ

This is an application, which was developed by This app shows you the coupons and discounts which you can avail for the items on your list. Grocery IQ is the perfect app for that. You can search by using either of the two available methods – by voice-to-text mode, or text-mode. You can scan the stuff using this app and that goes right on to the list inside this app. Ain’t that cool? It’s also available for devices run on iOS. Download Grocery IQ

I hope you enjoyed this list. Stay tuned for more

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